Centor Wins Leading Product Award in the US

12 October 2008

Major US magazine Window & Door have announced Centor Architectural as one of the winners of the Crystal Achievement Awards for 2008. Presented annually by the official publication of the powerful National Glass Association, the awards honour the best in new product technology, manufacturing and marketing in the fenestration industry.

The award for Most Innovative Door Component, with its ground-breaking insect screening system was Centor's second such award in two years!

"It's another great endorsement for what we do," said Centor Managing Director Nigel Spork. "Our weathersealed bi-fold door hardware was a big hit in 2006, and for the Centor Screen to get the same reaction really shows we're on the right path"

Centor S1 is the largest capacity, most robust retractable screening system in production and responds to the increasing size of architectural openings allowed for by rapidly evolving door system technology.

Developed from the bi-fold-integrated ES2 screening system, S1 can be matched with every door and window type, including sliding and French doors, for a flexible, effective screening solution. Ready for action as soon as temperatures allow for open windows and doors, S1 remains rolled back out of view the rest of the year.

"The demand was clearly there for a stand-alone system," said Spork. "We just had to find a way to deliver a system that looked as good and performed as well as ES2, without the limitations that come with an integrated system."

The award caps a period of sustained growth for Centor, which has seen the company nominated as Finalist for three categories in the Telstra Business Awards.

"It's certainly encouraging for us to be recognised ," reflected Nigel Spork. "These awards inspire us to keep pushing the boundaries by creating systems that give people more control over their environment."