Door Catch

Door catch installation instructions

For use with folding and French doors, the Centor Magnetic Door Catch has been designed to prevent open folding doors from spreading apart. It can also be used to keep door panels separated to accommodate high-profile door furniture and as an alternative to traditional fastenings for French doors.

Simple to install on any door or wall, the door catch can be positioned either vertically or horizontally at the top or bottom of the door. With a spring-loaded cushion to resist door impact, the door catch does not require accurate alignment allowing for door adjustment.


Constructed from non-corrosive materials, the door catch has a moulded base and stainless steel cover with concealed fasteners to resist removal. A rare high strength earth magnet is enclosed within the cushion ensuring no external corrosion. The door catch is available in brushed stainless steel, PVD brass or PVD bronze finishes.