Technical Info / Locks


The Twinpoint is a convenient and stylish alternative to face-fixed dropbolts specifically designed for folding doors. It is simple to install and use. Its elegant central handle operates concealed top and bottom bolts, securing doors in one easy movement.

This low-profile lock effortlessly secures folding, sliding or French doors up to 3m tall, and is available keyed and non-keyed in a range of finishes. 



The range of dropbolts has a size, shape and finish to suit any door or window. Their low-profile allows folding doors to stack neatly, while finishes match Centor's folding hardware to make a complete system.

Centor dropbolts have a minimum throw length of 20mm and have been wind load tested to ensure they are strong and secure. For extra security, you can choose from a range of keyed dropbolts. Easy installation and elegant design make them the perfect choice. 



Door Catch
Centor's magnetic door catch is a unique solution for folding doors. It elegantly fastens open folding doors, stopping them from spreading. It can also help keep door panels separated to prevent high-profile door furniture damaging the door's finish. It may also be used as an alternative to traditional door catches.

This simple to install catch is the perfect addition to folding and sliding doors.