Centor invented the system that allowed folding sliding doors to pass weather tests for the very first time in 1998. All Centor’s folding systems use this innovative technology, so you can be confident your folding system will protect your home from the weather. Centor’s patented weather-sealing technology also leads to improved energy efficiency and sound insulation.

The large range of carrying capacities also means you can choose the exact door material you want to meet your energy efficiency requirements. Door panels up to 120 kg each can be accommodated, allowing for double or triple glazed doors.

Water and wind resistance
Folding doors using Centor hardware systems have been tested to resist water infiltration and wind beyond required building standards. Centor offers a system that has passed Miami-Dade County hurricane standards, the toughest weather testing in the world.

Air infiltration
Centor folding systems push door panels snugly against weather seals, providing air infiltration resistance up to 50 times better than sliding doors. This means there is less temperature transferred between inside and outside, and less heat is lost through your doors in winter. This function also improves sound insulation.

According to renowned product designer Sebastian Conran, he did not realise how well his Centor folding system would keep the noise and cold out – important in London winters and living near a motorway. “I am really pleased with the doors, from both an aesthetic and functionality point of view. They have really exceeded my expectations.”

Where to buy
Call Centor on 0121 701 2500 to find your nearest door and window manufacturer moved by Centor hardware systems.


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