Fingertip operation

Every Centor system is designed with a primary aim: it must be a delight to use. Folding doors moved by Centor hardware can be operated with just the touch of a fingertip, even at their maximum specifications. Centor’s largest system can carry eight panels in each direction weighing up to 120kg each. Even in a system such as this, opening and closing almost a tonne of doors is easy when moved by Centor components.

This fingertip operation is thanks to over a decade of research and development spent perfecting Centor’s original folding sliding systems. This commitment to quality has been a core value at Centor since it was founded in 1951. Features include articulated carriers and a unique, patented adjustment system. Articulated carriers allow the doors to roll smoothly even in out-of-alignment openings. This is complemented by vertical and horizontal adjustment, using Surelock™ technology patented by Centor. The adjustment compensates for building movement or imperfect openings. Once door heights have been set, Surelock ensures they stay set.

London product designer Sebastian Conran has a Centor folding system in his home, and he says he is delighted with the results. “The quality of the hardware is top class… I think it works terrifically well… Many friends have commented on how well the doors work.”

Materials chosen for their strength and precision manufacturing also ensure Centor folding systems will consistently be a delight to use.

Where to buy
Doors and windows moved by Centor can be purchased from window and door manufacturers across Great Britain and Europe. To find your nearest, call us on 0121 701 2500.


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