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Designed to protect homes from insects in bi-fold-scale openings as wide as 7.6m, the Centor screen allows you to offer a complete solution to your clients.

When not in use, the screen completely retracts into the doorjamb. When in use, the sheer screen fabric maintains the vista of the folding door opening.

Centor's award-winning screen systems are the perfect accompaniment to your folding doors.

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Pairing folding doors with a Centor blind can help your clients control privacy, temperature and sunlight in their home. The blind can protect openings up to 7.6m wide, while the vistas the folding doors create will remain unobstructed as it retracts into the frame when not in use.

A Centor blind can also improve the thermal performance of a bi-fold opening by reflecting UV rays, and offering insulation the equivalent of an extra layer of glazing by forming a sealed air pocket between the doors and the blind fabric.

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Centor offers locks and door catches that are specifically designed for the unique requirements of folding door systems. Available in matching finishes to the door system hardware, Centor’s locking accessories make for a complete system.

The range includes Centor's award-winning Twinpoint lock – a convenient and stylish system designed specially for folding doors. You can also choose clean-lined dropbolts available in various styles, lengths and finishes to suit any situation. To complete your folding system, Centor's magnetic door catch elegantly stops open folding doors from spreading.

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