Centor F3 Installation Instructions

The new Centor F3 bottom-rolling system for folding doors is the industry's first comprehensive bottom-rolling hardware technology, putting folding doors and windows into any existing building without major structural changes.

Bottom-rolling systems allow the weight of the door to be transferred away from the top of the opening, eliminating the need for a strong and often restricting upper beam freeing up more design space.

Centor F3 allows for the cost-effective remodel or retrofit of any opening that previously had a sliding door. Now everyone can enjoy the benefits of folding doors, combining the pleasures of a seamless indoor/outdoor lifestyle with fingertip operation.

Folding doors provide vistas, natural light, fresh air and larger living space particularly when entertaining and unlike sliding doors, require no fixed glass panels or posts. Due to the bottom-rolling action of the hardware, F3 is perfectly suited for use in conservatories where the need for design-restricting beams is eliminated.

Centor F3 is based on simple but sophisticated technology using a range of strategically placed bearings to allow the bottom of the door to carry the weight, while remaining easy to manoeuvre. Unlike other bottom-rolling systems, Centor controlled windows and doors glide through tracks, not rails, with movement controlled by articulated carriers, appropriately sized wheels and side thrust bearings.

With Centor's new bottom-rolling technology, quality folding doors and windows are within reach of every existing building and to every door and window manufacturer. Equally suited for easy installation by both DIYers and professionals, the patented system installs with simple hand and power tools and requires no structural changes to the building.

  F3 Specifications  
  max panel weight   80kg
  max opening width   16m
  max panel height   2700mm
  max panel width   1000mm
  min panel thickness   35mm
  max number of panels   8 left + 8 right

Openings fitted with Centor controlled folding windows and doors include protective features not available with other systems. These include:

  • the original Centor weathersealed technology
  • sill covers to avoid dirt collecting in the tracks
  • guards which work like a snow plough to remove any debris
  • drainage holes to flush away water and dust

The new slimmer frames fit unobtrusively beneath glazed panels with fixed and irremovable adjustment pins providing maximum security.

All these features mean that Centor floor rolling folding doors and windows can continue to open and close as new, long past their 10 year guarantee.