Created to address the unique requirements of composite door manufacturers and fabricators, E3 CLD brings the extraordinary potential of Centor's surface-mounted folding hardware to the rapidly expanding market for aluminium-clad timber doors.

Equal sized panels
Centor's innovative hinge system provides symmetry to the door design and simplifies the door manufacturing process. Modified panel gaps and frame tolerances ensure enhanced panel sealing and E3's versatility is retained. This optimises use of this ground-breaking technology in mixed-material applications.

Simple adjustment
Easy screwdriver access and simple vertical adjustment of the patented Surelock mechanism on pivots and carriers makes the installer's job even easier. Centor's patented pivot sets uniquely provide horizontal screw adjustment of 5 mm making E3 CLD the most practical system for larger composite folding doors.

Tested to exceed 50,000 opening and closing actions at maximum load, without any component failure, we can confidently offer our 10-year warranty. 

Combining E3 CLD with recommended weather-seals, door systems consistently pass a range of international weather proofing codes. Also the E3 CLD system accommodates varying door designs so doors can be manufactured for the most severe locations.

 E3 CLD Specifications  
 max panel weight  115kg
 max opening width  16m
 max panel height  3600mm
 max panel width  1200mm
 min panel thickness  57mm
 max number of panels  8 left + 8 right

E3 CLD systems incorporate locking screws, secure hinges and non-removable components. Centor's dropbolts, specifically designed for use with folding doors, are substantial, robust and lockable so door systems can withstand physical attack.

Wall Pivot
The floating wall pivot is used to control normal door deflection on tall doors and bowing caused by wind or climatic conditions, so maintaining a weather-proof system. It also enhances security by reducing any leverage applied to door panels and preventing their removal.